Costs to our charge
All salaries and overtime retribution for both our local and expatriated Staff
All Italian fiscal dues regarding our invoiced services or fiscal due in the service's country
Return travel tickets (from Italy to destination) for our Staff and retribution for duration of the personnel transfer
Personal outfits (uniforms, overalls, etc.)
Permanent assistance by one of our people charged with the management of the duty assigned
Warehouse provision
Insurance costs for our Staff
Board for our Staff
Supplies of washing powder, soap disinfectants, insecticides and all consumable provision for the kitchen, laundry and pressing services
Insurance policy covering third-party and general risks
Mineral water as per consumption, prices to be agreed
Costs to your charge
Kitchens and self-service-type canteens for your Staff
All kitchen equipment, hardware, utensils, batteries, vessels, cutlery, etc.
All lounge equipment, tableware, glassware, tablecloths, etc, including self-service trays
All fixed and mobile dormitory fittings
Customs take concerning the possible import of food on site
Warehouses and refrigerated rooms for storing food supplies for at least one month
Normal and extraordinary maintenance of all equipment at our disposal
Lodging of our Staff on your campus (at least two single rooms)
Supply of Electricity, Gas or other fuels, and drinking water
Cost waste disposal
Payment of possible taxes for obtaining entry/exit visas or work/residential permits for the country in question
All taxes due to the State goverment for both our expatriated and local staff
Expatriated staff: USD x presence per day
Guaranteed minimum 50 employees a day USD
From 51 to 135 employees a day USD
from 136 to 300 and over employees a day USD
Coffee USD
Soft Drink 33cl USD
The above prices are net of V.A.T.
Invoicing and payements
An invoice for our services will be issued at the end of each month according to the S.A.L. drawn up by our local person responsible for the same, and countersigned by your person responsible for its verification and acceptance
Payment will be made at 30 days from invoice date
Any advance payments on account in local currency will be evaluated at the signing of the contract
We reserve the right to request a fore-payment up to 10% of the presumed contractual total value